Technology workshop for the wind energy sector

IBC Innovationsfabrikken
IBC Innovationsfabrikken, Birkemosevej 1, 6000 Kolding
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Workshop programme:


13:00                     Introduction to the new Danish RD&D landscape, Per Hessellund Lauritsen, Megavind Chairman/Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy

13:10                     Energy Innovation Cluster: New set-up and what to expect, Glenda Napier, CEO, Energy Innovation Cluster

13:20                     Potential for the suppliers in the new innovation structure, Torben Jørgensen, Technical Sales Director,  Fritz Schur Energy

13:30                     Megavind strategic theme: Grid systems, Peter Hjuler Jensen, Deputy Head of DTU Wind Energy


13.40                     Introduction to other Megavind themes and working group discussions, Per Hessellund Lauritsen, Megavind Chairman/Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy

13:50                     Working groups discussing Megavind themes

14:30                     Wrap up and conclusion from Megavind

15:00                     Coffee and network


15:20                     Introduction to EIC Innovation projects and working group discussions, Glenda Napier, Energy Innovation Cluster

Workshop: Identifying concrete innovation projects

17:00                     End of the day

Why participate?

You can be part of setting the themes for Megavind as well as propose specific projects to the EIC Board of Directors. Please prepare and bring innovation project proposals and ideas.

Background and purpose

Entering 2019, there is a new innovation structure in the Danish wind sector. While Megavind is still the Danish research and innovation (R&I) partnership for the entire Danish wind sector, Energy Innovation Cluster (EIC) is the national cluster organization and innovation network for the energy production industry covering both onshore and offshore energy sources.  With the establishment of Energy Innovation Cluster, common onshore and offshore innovation collaborations and activities are concentrated into one organization. This holds new potentials for interactions across the wind sector and introduces a new innovation partner to bring R&I recomondations to life for the benefit of the entire sector.

In light of this, Megavind and Energy Innovation Cluster invites the entire wind energy supply chain to a workshop focusing on research, development og innovation themes and projects

The purpose of the workshop is firstly to identify relevant innovation topics og themes, and secondly to identify concrete innovation projects, that could be implemented with the involvement of both industry and academia moving foreward. The outcome and discussions from these workshops will be used as input to the Megavind R&I work and in the Energy Innovation Cluster work related to initiating and facilitating innovation projects.

The workshop will be a re-occuring event held twice a year and organized back-to-back with the steering committee meetings in Megavind.



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Event & Membership Manager
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